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Join the AIR project

14/06/2017 - Gestion des droits par l'Adagp
Join the AIR project

Help us to prepare the futur and send us digital images of your artwork.


The Internet disseminates works on a scale unprecedented in history. This revolution, which is described as "technology" – though it is no longer limited to just that, requires adjustments in all parts of the economy. Regarding graphic and visual arts, there have never been so many works circulating so quickly. This expansion of broadcasting makes it obvious that there is a need to supplement monitoring done by human eyes by using digital tools. Only intelligent machines are now able to find images of your works on the web.

ADAGP is embarking on this challenge by innovating on the international stage and taking the lead with the AIR (automatic image recognition) Project. The relevant technology does exist and French companies are right at the cutting edge of it: it is called (digital) fingerprinting. This term refers to those algorithms capable of recognising, extracting and filtering mass data from searched images. This filtering should ultimately transform detection capabilities with regard to image utilisation and the procedures for allocating rights to each image.
In order for this technology to be operational, it must be based on a very wide database of images so that it can be as exhaustive as possible. This is why we are launching this call for contributions.
Artists, beneficiaries: in order to enable us to more effectively manage your rights, please send us pictures of your works (digital files), so that we can include them in our digital fingerprinting database.

What files should I send?

·         minimum definition for each image file: 500 x 500 pixels (no maximum)

·         file format: jpg or png

·         prerequisite: fill in the Excel table for identification of your works to be downloaded here

Where should I send them?

The image files and Excel table are to be sent by FTP or email to or on data storage media (CD, DVD, USB ...) by post to Base ImagesADAGP, 11 rue Berryer, 75008 Paris.

For all enquiries:
Please write to, or phone +33 (0)1 43 59 09 79.
The database thus formed will in no way serve to distribute or sell any images, but only to extract the digital fingerprint so as to be able to "trace" the work and thus better protect your copyright.

Thank you in advance!