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About Adagp

Created in 1953, ADAGP is the French royalty collecting and distribution society in the field of graphic and visual arts.
Supported by a global network of almost 50 sister companies, it currently represents more than 170,000 artists in all disciplines of visual arts : painting, sculpting, photography, architecture, design, comic strips, manga, illustrating, street art, digital creation, video art and so on.

ADAGP manages all the property rights held by artists (resale right, reproduction right, right of public communication, collective rights), for all modes of use : books, media, advertising, merchandise, auctions, gallery sales, television, video on demand, websites, user sharing platforms and so on.
Thanks to its rich, diverse catalogue, it is now one of the biggest collecting societies in the world.


ADAGP was founded in 1953 by artists who wanted to further and consolidate social and professional ties established at art shows and associations over the years by forming a collecting society.
Under the impetus of its first chairman, the painter Marcel Parturier, the Association pour la diffusion des arts graphiques et plastiques (ADAGP) quickly signed up the biggest artists of the time (Georges Braque, Bernard Buffet, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall, the Cobra movement, Salvador Dali, Léonard Foujita, Henri Laurens, Pierre Soulages, Joan Miró, Zao Wou Ki, Jacques Villon…) as well as many beneficiaries of deceased artists.
In 1986, after the adoption of the act of 3 July 1985 defining the legal framework applicable to royalty collecting and distribution societies, the association became a société civile [non-commercial partnership] and was rechristened “Société des artistes dans les arts graphiques et plastiques”.


ADAGP is a non-profit partnership, the members of which (artists, beneficiaries, assignees) are also the partners: they control the management, elect the management bodies and decide on company strategy.
Due to its legal status, ADAGP cannot make profits. All royalties collected are paid over to the members, after the deduction of costs, or used, in accordance with the legislation applicable, to fund cultural and social actions.
The management costs deducted by ADAGP strictly cover the operating costs required to perform its tasks.
The board of directors and the manager report annually on their management to the members of the ADAGP attending a general meeting.