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Protecting artists' rights

ADAGP plays a role in protecting the rights of the artists it represents by taking action, where applicable before the courts, to prevent the unauthorised use of their works. More generally, it also plays a role in ensuring that the material and non-pecuniary interests of artists and their beneficiaries are considered, both nationally and internationally.

Thus, ADAGP has made a decisive contribution to the protection of artists, the extension of the resale right within Europe and the promotion of visual arts with French and European authorities.

ADAGP is a member of several organisations and institutions involved in the protection of artists’ rights, in particular :

CISAC (Confédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Auteurs et Compositeurs), an international confederation of over 200 collecting societies in all fields (musical, literary, audiovisual, visual arts), protecting the rights of artists internationally ;

GESAC (Groupement Européen des Sociétés d'Auteurs et Compositeurs), a group of European collecting societies, of all disciplines ;

European Visual Artists (EVA), consisting of European collecting societies in the field of visual arts, which defends and promotes the rights of creators of graphic and plastic art in Europe ;

AFPIDA (association française pour la protection internationale du droit d’auteur), French branch of the Association littéraire et artistique internationale (ALAI) for the international protection of copyright ;

CSPLA - Conseil Supérieur de la Propriété Littéraire et Artistique – a literary and artistic property commission where it promotes the interests of creators of visual arts with the French Minister of Culture and Communication and the legislature.

- the Coalition française pour la diversité culturelle [French coalition for cultural diversity] ;

CPE - Conseil permanent des écrivains [writers’ council]…