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Collecting and distribution

Adagp collects and pays back rights to its members in the following fields :

Resale right
Print and online media
Educational use
Private copying
Public library lending


How are collected royalties distributed?

ADAGP collects and manages royalties of many different types. The way in which they are collected and distributed therefore depends on how they are managed. There are two management methods:

-       Individual management, which accounts for an average of 60% of the royalties that artists receive from ADAGP.

ADAGP monitors how artists’ works are used, artist by artist, work by work, across museum exhibitions, derivative works, books, the press, resale of works, etc.

-       Group management, in cases where individual management is not possible (around 40% of royalties). This method covers royalties for private copying (audiovisual and digital), photocopying, cable TV, and library loans. Royalties are distributed according to the applicable distribution rules as set by the board of directors and approved by the General Meeting.

They can be found on the ADAGP website (



How often are royalties distributed?

Under individual management, there is no specific timetable. Royalties are distributed as soon as they are collected.

Under group management, there is a specific timetable:

-       royalties from private digital copying (press), reprographics (books and press) and library loans are distributed annually in April;

-       royalties from private audiovisual copying, private digital copying (image and text), cable TV and audiovisual are distributed in October for the previous year.



When are royalties paid?

All royalties in excess of €50 are paid at least once a year in November and December, after the majority of the royalties managed collectively are distributed.

However, payment of royalties may be quarterly or six-monthly depending on the sum of royalties collected by the ADAGP.

Lastly, the ADAGP pays royalties as of €15 of royalties earned, on request.