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Educational uses

In February 2006, the Education Nationale [French education ministry] signed 5 agreements covering the years 2007 and 2008 with the beneficiaries of the book, music, audiovisual, media and visual arts sectors in order to be able to use works for educational purposes. In June 2009, the agreements were extended for the year 2009.

The uses covered are :

- showing works in class and at symposiums and conferences
- incorporating works into examination or competition subjects,
- adaptation of works by pupils in class
- reproductions with a view to archiving educational works and research
- putting works on-line on the educational establishment’s intranet, strictly for the purposes of illustrating educational and research work, up to a maximum of 30 works (limited definition and resolution).


Royalties are collected on a fixed basis negotiated with the French Ministry of Education.

320,000 Euros of royalties were collected by Adagp for creators of fixed images in 2012.


No documentation on works used and their usage has been provided by the Education Nationale, although the agreements clearly stipulate this and a specific website has been developed for beneficiaries of the book, media and image sectors.

Therefore, royalties have to be distributed by analogy, in proportion with the royalties already collected according to similar modes of use.

Thus, for royalties coming under the Book agreement which concerns images from books, the sums are distributed to artists whose works had been reproduced in books, in proportion with the royalties of the year concerned.

As for royalties relating to images from sources other than books, they were paid to works that received royalties for the year concerned for posters, cards, catalogues, leaflets, separate sheets, multimedia and various reproduction royalties other than books. Finally, for the agreement covering uses of images published in the media, the royalties are paid in proportion with the media reproduction rights for the year concerned.