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Library lending

In 2003, the payment of a royalty to authors of books borrowed from libraries was established in law (art L133.1 du CPI et seq).


The Société Française des Intérêts des Auteurs de l'écrit (Sofia) [collecting society for authors], half the members of which are publishers, has been accredited to collect this public lending royalty and pays the royalties due for monographic works to Adagp for its members.

Every year, the Government pays a sum of €1.50 per user registered at a public library and €1 per user registered at a university library, i.e. approximately 11 million Euros per year.

Furthermore, suppliers of books (booksellers) pay 6% of the pre-tax retail price of books bought by lending libraries.


I – Division of sums between different categories of beneficiaries

According to the legislation applicable (art. L133.4), part of the sums collected fund the supplementary pension fund for writers and translators (IRCEC), this amount being equivalent to the contributions, but no more than 50% of the lending royalty collected. In practice, the share paid to the pension fund represents less than 10% of the royalties collected.

Half of the remainder is distributed to publishers and the other half to authors.

II – Distribution to authors

Lending libraries and booksellers declare books bought or sold to Sofia every year. The royalties collected are then broken down between each book in proportion with the number of copies bought.

The share corresponding to authors of books who are members of Adagp is then paid directly to Adagp by Sofia.