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What Adagp does for you ?

Adagp (Auteurs Dans les Arts Graphiques et Plastiques) is the collecting society with the most representative catalogue in the world of visual arts. It currently represents more than 130,000 French and foreign artists in more than 30 disciplines.

Adagp defends and manages your rights in France and abroad thanks to its network of almost 50 sister companies who collect royalties on works in the country where they operate.

For its part, ADAGP, represents the artists from these countries in France.

In the countries where it does not have sister companies to represent it, ADAGP acts directly with local users.

Painters, sculptors, engravers, performers, artists, photographers, illustrators, children’s illustrators, architects, designers, cartoonists, poster artists…

Sign up to Adagp and get the royalties you’re entitled to.