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About us

At the request of artists seeking greater visibility and given the difficulty experienced by users in accessing quality images, Adagp created an image bank dedicated to Modern and Contemporary Art in 2001. This collection can be viewed freely (without registering) here.

The website is regularly added to and currently has nearly 28,000 images of works of all disciplines (paintings, sculptures, photographs, illustrations, posters, etc).

The works of famous artists (Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marc Chagall, René Magritte and so on) and other artists (whose works are rarely reproduced due to lack of documents in photo libraries) are reviving the iconography of art. Therefore, thanks to the Adagp Images, some artists are making themselves known while others are widening the choice of works likely to be reproduced. 

Adagp Images offers professionals quality digital files, controlled and validated by Adagp with the artists or their beneficiaries. Professionals can obtain a digital image of a work and the rights in this work in one step.