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Adagp receives and handles authorisation requests from cultural organisations, companies and individuals who want to use its catalogue on the Internet or for applications on any digital medium.

We have many agreements with cultural organisations and with sites using large volumes of artwork.

Adagp also manages your copyright entitlements abroad via its network of almost 50 sister societies. In the countries where there is no sister society, Adagp acts directly.

We issue authorisations to publishers after consulting you in advance in certain cases: monograph, advertising, adaptation of work, etc… (find out more)

The amount of royalties depends on the nature of the medium, the number of works and the duration of use (check our schedule).

Once the invoice has been paid by the user, Adagp pays the sums to the artist, after deducting its costs. Details of the use will be indicated on the statement sent with the payment.

Our Multimedia Rights Department manages the rights of artists who have signed up to Adagp to manage their reproduction and public communication rights. Therefore, artists who have signed up for collective rights only are not covered for this service.

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Read the sections below to find out what Adagp can do for you :

Does Adagp manage the use of my works on foreign websites ?

Yes, because Adagp is represented in almost 50 countries worldwide by its sister societies responsible for managing its catalogue in the countries where they operate. For such uses, our sister societies use their own scales. In the countries where there is no collecting society, Adagp acts directly.

If you receive an authorisation request from a foreign publisher or producer, please send it to us so we can pass this request on to the appropriate sister society.

As far as royalties from foreign countries are concerned, our sister societies pay us on a twice yearly basis for the most part.

For further information, contact:

What shall I do when I receive a reproduction authorisation request from you ?

To consult you, we email, fax or post you a reproduction and public communication authorisation request (standard form) containing details of the publisher’s project. It is important to reply as soon as possible so the publisher knows the outcome of its request. If you do not reply quickly, the project may be cancelled.

Please give us your email address if you have one as this will make the whole process quicker and easier.

After receiving authorisation from Adagp, the user will implement the project and send a copy for approval by Adagp.

On receipt of this copy, ADAGP will send the corresponding royalties invoice to the publisher and the sums received will then be distributed to you after deduction of our costs.

What shall I do when I receive a reproduction authorisation request from a user directly ?

When you are contacted directly by a user, you must inform them that you have appointed Adagp to manage your rights and direct them to us so we can handle their authorisation request.

I am a member of Adagp and my works have been distributed on the Internet without my permission, what shall I do ?

First of all, please check that you didn’t give the user any permission to use your works.

Then, inform the Multimedia Department of the unauthorised use, indicating :

- the URL of the website (including the precise extension indicating the location of the work)
- beginning date of online use
- title of the work or images from your archives for identification.

Please instruct us whether:
- you want the works to be removed
- and/or you want to receive royalties.

After checking the details provided, we will contact the corresponding site to ask for the works to be removed or to receive royalties, according to your instructions and when the legislation applicable allows it.

One of my works has been used without my name being mentioned, what shall I do ?

In accordance with article L. 121-1 of the French intellectual property code, “the artist benefits from a right to recognition of his name, status and work”. This “perpetual, inalienable and indefeasible” right is vested in the artist or his beneficiaries and therefore cannot be protected by Adagp.

In this instance, you will have to deal directly with the publication to ensure this right is recognised.

I am being approached about an order, what shall I do ?

If you are approached by an organisation wishing to order a work, you can get Adagp to draw up the agreement for you.

You can also negotiate the payment due for the order directly with the party concerned. However, it is important to include in the agreement the standard clause concerning the fact that you are a member of Adagp so we can act for you in collecting your reproduction/public communication royalties.

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