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Using a work

A piece of artwork has caught your attention ? You want to reproduce it or broadcast it ?


Adagp has a constantly changing graphic catalogue and currently represents more than 170,000 artists all over the world in all visual arts disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, design, comic strips, advertising and film posters, digital creation, video art.... So, with Adagp’s catalogue, you can access the reproduction and public communication rights of millions of works. 

The French intellectual property code stipulates that holders of copyright must give their consent prior to any reproduction and public communication of their works, and receive a royalty in return. Adagp grants this permission for the artists it represents and pays them the royalties paid by the users.

Furthermore, our image bank offers a selection of 28,400 images of more than 1,500 artists. Viewable without registering, it is a precious source for users of images allowing them to access the high definition files of the catalogue. To ensure quality images, digital files are checked and validated by Adagp with the artists or their beneficiaries.

The process of obtaining permission is made quick and easy by an online form you can use to request permission under copyright and, at the same time, the HD file when available in the image bank.


There is a range of services on offer to assist you depending on the media involved.
Each request will be examined specifically so as to offer you the most appropriate legal and financial response.

Select the Department relating to your project:

Publishing (print and digital books, brochures, posters and post cards, merchandise)
Museums, cultural establishments
Print and online media
Audiovisual(TV, DVD, public showing, VOD)
Multimedia: websites, applications, networks
Advertising and corporate communication
Exhibition right
Image bank