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Advertising, corporate communication

You are attracted by a work of art and want to use it as part of an advertising campaign ?

Adagp offers you its catalogue of more than 110,000 contemporary artists and its Image Bank of 25,000 high definition visuals.

As with any use, you must obtain the permission of Adagp before launching your campaign.

Since Adagp consults artists or their beneficiaries before granting permission, the times involved in such a process must be taken into account. Therefore, you must contact us well in advance of your campaign setting out your request in as much detail as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you.

Each request will be examined according to your requirements so as to meet your expectations as effectively as possible.

To submit your request, you can use the online form or send us an email :

Adagp also has an Image Bank which you can use to obtain HD (High Definition) files of 25,000 works by 1,700 artists for your projects. To ensure quality images, digital files are checked and validated by Adagp with the artists or their beneficiaries. With the Adagp Image Bank, you can obtain a digital image of the work at the same time as permission to use it under copyright.

How do I prepare my request for permission ?

We need to receive your media plan along with the title and dates of the advertising campaign.

You must also send us layouts of the media used clearly indicating the name of the artists and the title of the works you want to reproduce. On presentation of these elements, we can send you an initial quote.

Please indicate if you want to be financially responsible for all reproductions of the works in the press (magazine, papers, etc.) when they are part of an article dedicated to your client/brand.

Adagp will pass on this information to the artist or his/her beneficiary so he/she can consider your project.

If approved, written permission will be granted and the final quote will be sent to you. Royalties will be invoiced after receipt of your order.

What information should I put in my media plan ?

The media plan must include the following information depending on the media used for the campaign :

1) Posters, POS, professional catalogues, etc.

- type of media 
- number produced
- formats of media and reproduction
- position (inside or cover) 
- date of publication

Please indicate if there is to be an electronic version and what form it will be in.

2) Multimedia :

- internet : URL address, date put online, duration of use 
- application : expected number of downloads, retail price excluding tax, number of works including those not in Adagp catalogue
- digital media (DVDs, USBs etc..) : number of copies, retail price 
- electronic newsletter and invitation : number sent
- press visuals : number sent (please indicate if you will be responsible for press spin-offs) 
- interactive terminal : period made available, location of terminals

3) Audiovisual :

- Mode of distribution of adverts : television, cinema, internet…
- Areas of use
- Length of campaign

For television campaigns in France, you must declare the channels and periods during which the advert is shown.

For the internet, please inform us if your advert will be put online on Dailymotion or Youtube.

4) Press :

for insertions in the press with purchase of space :

- print publication : title of publication, circulation, format of reproduction of work and date of publication 
- digital publication : title of publication, type of medium (website, downloadable PDF, application etc.), duration of use and number of visits/downloads.

For print press kits, indicate the number produced, the format of reproduction of the work.

When will I receive a royalties invoice ?

Permission becomes effective once you have returned your agreement to the financial terms and conditions of the permission we have issued to you.

Invoicing occurs once Adagp has received proof copies of the publications concerned.

Please indicate your invoicing address if it is different from the one indicated on the permission.

Can I obtain a high definition image of the work I want to reproduce ?

Adagp has an Image Bank which currently holds 25,000 images. This collection can be viewed freely and at no charge at the following address :

To ensure quality images, digital files are checked and validated by Adagp with the artists or their beneficiaries.

If you are looking for an artist or a work you cannot find on the website, do not hesitate to contact us : Our team will try and get the file as soon as possible.

Get permission for use under copyright and the digital image of the work at the same time, remembering that :

- the photographic rights for providing the files will be invoiced to you by the Image Bank Department
- the royalties for the work will be invoiced to you by the departments concerned according to the mode of use

Works belonging to the Adagp catalogue have been passed on to me "royalty-free" by a press service, do I have to request permission to use them ?

The statement “royalty-free” is misleading. It is commonly used to indicate the fact that the file containing the visual sent to you is free. However, this does not release you in any way whatsoever from requesting prior permission from Adagp for the reproduction of the work itself. Royalties will be paid for this use to Adagp.

Why do I have to pay reproduction royalties when I've bought the file for the work from a photographic agency / image bank ?

Buying a photographic document on which a copyright protected work is reproduced does not release you from requesting permission from Adagp to reproduce this work. Your purchase only concerns the photographic rights.

Only Adagp is authorised to manage the reproduction rights relating to the work when the artist or his/her beneficiaries have entrusted their rights to Adagp.

Why do I have to request prior permission and pay royalties to use a work when the owner has given me permission to use it for free ?

You must not confuse the material ownership of a work or a digital file containing the image of this work with the copyrights that are invested in the artist or his/her beneficiaries.

If the work you want to reproduce belongs to the catalogue managed by Adagp, then you will have to contact Adagp at to submit a request for permission.

Royalties will be paid for this use to Adagp, as with all other uses.

What do I have to do for a shoot in a location (e.g. : architectural work) protected by copyright or in which there are protected works (e.g. : apartment of an artist or collector) ?

In this case, you must :

- obtain the agreement of the administrative department or owner of the location concerned ;
- request permission using our online form or by sending your request to We remind you in this regard that the owner of the work (designer furniture, painting, building, etc.) does not automatically hold the reproduction rights.

The creator of the work I want to reproduce is not French, why do I have to go through Adagp ?

You have to go through Adagp when you are user based in France and the artist is mentioned in the list of artists managed by Adagp even if he/she is not French. Adagp manages an international catalogue through its reciprocal agency arrangements with almost 50 collecting societies on 5 continents.